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You are all scholars arguing about how the Godking Mandri unseated the rulers of Amfal, including, most notably, Princess Orithia and established his hundred year reign.

This wiki is for a game of Lexicon ( Please do not contribute if you are not one of our players.

The first article writing window begins 17 March and runs 48 hours. Our first leter group is AB (we're doing letter pairs for each turn which should help reduce the "oh crap, I need a word that starts with X/Q/Z" issue); you can write an article for either an A or a B, you do not need to do both. Please be sure to (1) tage your articles as articles and (2) create empty articles for the phantoms you're creating and tag them as phantoms as in our templates.

As of 12.01a (PDT, GMT-7) April 2, we are on KL. Please cite one existing article and two phantoms (either exitsting phantoms or new phantoms you're creating for your new article).

There is an article template at Amfal. The tag "Special:WhatLinksHere" (put in double brackets to make it a link) makes it easy to see what links somewhere rather than needing to do it all manually. I suggest it for your scholar page and at the end of each article, otherwise people need to add on every time they cite something which may get missed. See example at

A rough timeline of events chronicled so far is also available.

Latest activityEdit

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